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Happy birthday? You are seriously the most beautiful human being I've ever seen. Hope you had a great day.

Thank u so much you are too nice

im 18 today stop unfollowing me


drake just wrote his whole next album sitting in that chair 

Anonymous asked:
So do you have a thing against white ppl? Bc there are plenty of white folk who are just as outraged as you about racism. Just bc we dont experience it first hand doesn't mean we don't think its disgusting


why do you think i care about anything you have to say? especially behind anon? even if i did have a thing against white people so what? i have every right to hate any and every white person if i wanted to. you’re outraged about racism are you out there marching? or doing anything? wow you’re SO outraged about racism so you sent me a message to tell me how DISGUSTING IT IS!! racism is over yay!!! stop spewing bullshit in my askbox it’s NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU